Market sales (POS)

A fundamental decision in market trading

What is Market Post?

Akhasap offers a POS system for trade automation, which is used at the checkout of large retail chains and in minimarkets, and will allow you to control store sales. POS systems for retail and restaurant business are an industrial computer with a cash register monitor and a POS-keyboard or monoblock , trading software, online checkout, in some models for EGAIS - a 2D barcode scanner. This system is capable of operating 24 hours a day, complies with 54-FZ and has undergone pre-sale training. The price of a POS system depends on the configuration, software and availability of an online cash register. To save you money, many POS systems come with only the most essential hardware, and a POS system will cost you a lot less than purchasing individual parts. You can buy a POS system from Akhasap partners in all regions of Turkmenistan.


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Since 2011, it has been widely used in the automation market of Turkmenistan, especially in the modernization and automation of the market, restaurants, wholesale and other types of trading systems.

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