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  • 2012

    First installations

    For the first time the Akhasap program was installed on the market.

  • 2013

    Services are expanding

    In January of this year, a system for accounting for recipes for commercial products was added in Akhasap.

  • 2015

    Mobile app

    The mobile application "Aksargyt", which works in tandem with "Akhasap", was added due to the increased demand from customers.

  • 2016

    Product price management

    Mobile phone price tracking system installed

  • 2018

    Expansion of the company

    Akhasap added a personnel management system, including the introduction of Ahasab to the Ashgabat waterworks and the introduction of a distribution system in Mary velayat.


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Since 2011, it has been widely used in the automation market of Turkmenistan, especially in the modernization and automation of the market, restaurants, wholesale and other types of trading systems.

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  • In the restaurant, the waitress service
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